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Release Notes for Loupe V(D)J Browser 2

Loupe V(D)J Browser 2.1.0

Loupe V(D)J Browser 2.0.1

Loupe V(D)J Browser 2.0.0

B Cell Support

The Chromium™ Single Cell V(D)J Solution now offers comprehensive, scalable profiling of both 5′ gene expression transcripts and full-length, paired T Cell Receptor and B cell immunoglobulin transcripts. Loupe V(D)J Browser has added a few additional features especially designed to help with analyzing B Cell samples.

Comparison Mode

Loupe V(D)J Browser 2 now allows you to load multiple samples into the same workspace and includes powerful plots, metrics, and statistics to compare multiple samples. You can also quickly switch between multiple samples a single workspace. New features include:

You can also export any of these charts to an image or the underlying data to a CSV.

Integrated V(D)J Clonotype + Gene Expression Analysis

When using the combined 5′ Gene Expression and T-Cell and B cell enrichment kits, it is now possible to measure whole transcriptome gene expression and V(D)J repertoire diversity from the same sample. To facilitate this analysis, Loupe V(D)J Browser 2.0 allows you to combine the V(D)J and gene expression data with a few clicks.

To find out more about how to conduct an integrated experiment, consult the Single Cell V(D)J + Gene Expression page. For a complete Loupe how-to including some example data, go to Integrated V(D)J and Gene Expression Analysis in Loupe V(D)J Browser.

The complete list of gene expression features in Loupe V(D)J Browser include:

Additional Features