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What is Loupe V(D)J Browser?


Loupe V(D)J Browser is a desktop application for Windows and MacOS that allows the user to analyze, search, and visualize V(D)J sequences and clonotypes from single cell 5′ data produced by the 10x Chromium Platform. One can use it to quickly explore the clonality and diversity of T and B cell receptors at the single-cell level. Loupe is named for a jeweler's loupe, which is used to inspect gems.

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Within Loupe V(D)J Browser, you will be able to quickly determine the most common paired alpha and beta TCR chains or heavy and light BCR chains within your sample, search for motifs within CDR3 regions, detect variants within V(D)J transcripts, and compare clonotype frequency between samples:

To find out how to use Loupe V(D)J Browser to explore your data, start the tutorial.