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What's New in Loupe Cell Browser 2.0.0

NOTE: Loupe Cell Browser 2.0.0 includes all the new features of Loupe Cell Browser 1.0.5, which are described here in depth.

Integrated Gene Expression + V(D)J Clonotype Analysis

When using the combined 5′ Gene Expression with T Cell and B Cell Enrichment Kits, it is now possible to measure whole transcriptome gene expression and V(D)J repertoire diversity from the same sample. To facilitate this analysis, Loupe Cell Browser 2.0 allows you to combine the V(D)J and gene expression data with a few clicks:

To find out more about how to conduct an integrated experiment, consult the Single Cell Gene Expression + V(D)J page. For a complete Loupe how-to including some example data, go to Integrated Gene Expression and V(D)J Analysis in Loupe Cell Browser.

The complete list of V(D)J features in Loupe Cell Browser includes:

Additional Significant Gene Options

Loupe Cell Browser 2.0.0 removes most limits on the set of genes returned by calculating significant genes, and gives you several filtering options. Click on the Options button on the Significant Genes panel to see all options:

Changes include:

Additional Fixes