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Cell Ranger


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Single Cell Gene Expression

What's New in Loupe Browser 4.0

Loupe Browser 4.0 has been updated to allow users to easily analyze data generated with the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution, while still allowing users to easily explore single-cell gene expression, immunology, and ATAC data. It is compatible with all versions of Cell Ranger after v1.3, though the focus of the release is on support for spatial gene expression files generated by Space Ranger 1.0.

For more information about Spatial Gene Expression updates, click here.

Improvements For All Applications

Added Expression Color Palettes

Enjoy a variety of new color palettes for feature expression, including inverted color scales, Turbo, Viridis and Plasma. The heatmap color scheme should also make it easier to see differences in differential gene patterns between clusters.

Lifted Limits

Loupe Browser will warn, but not prevent you from doing the following: