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Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling

What is Feature Barcode Technology for Immune Profiling?

Feature Barcode (FB) technology is a method for adding extra layers of information to cells by running single cell gene expression in parallel with other assays.

Feature Barcode technology compatible with the 5’ Chromium Next GEM Single Cell Immune Profiling assay

Antibody Capture (cell surface protein measurement): A method to label cell surface proteins using a specific protein binding molecule, such as an antibody conjugated to a Feature Barcode oligonucleotide (e.g. BioLegend TotalSeq™–C Antibodies).

Antigen Specificity: A method to rapidly map paired T and B cell receptor sequences to their corresponding antigens via the use of Multimeric MHC peptide complexes, such as dCODE™ Dextramer® reagents.

CRISPR: A method to analyze gene expression changes caused by the presence of CRISPR perturbations. The assay captures the full transcriptome and transfected guide RNAs from the same cell to correlate changes in the transcriptome to CRISPR perturbations.

10x Genomics provides an online Find Compatible Products tool to help customers obtain a comprehensive list of Feature Barcode compatible products and partners.

Analyzing and understanding Feature Barcode data

Visit the relevant pages for analyzing and understanding Feature Barcode data: