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Visium Spatial Gene Expression

What is Loupe Browser?

Loupe Browser is a desktop application that provides programming free interactive visualization functionality to analyze data from different 10x Genomics solutions. Loupe Browser allows you to easily interrogate different views of your 10x Genomics data to quickly gain insights into the underlying biology. Loupe is named for a jeweler's loupe, which is used to magnify and inspect the details of precious gemstones.

Loupe Browser supports the analysis of data from the Visium Spatial Gene Expression solution. The typical spatial data analysis worklfow involves Loupe Browser at both upstream and downstream steps. In addition to the downstream visualization and analysis capabilities, Loupe Browser offers support for manual alignment of fiducial frame and tissue selection upstream of running Space Ranger pipeline.

To use Loupe Browser, open any .cloupe file generated by the Space Ranger analysis software which is embedded with the following information:

Loupe Browser Spatial Gene Expression Tutorials

Loupe Browser provides many powerful analysis capabilities including the ability to perform the following analysis all within the spatial context of a tissue image:

To learn how to use Loupe Browser to analyze your gene expression data, review the following tutorials.