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10x Genomics
Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling

System Requirements

Cell Ranger

Cell Ranger pipelines run on Linux systems that meet these minimum requirements:

Note: Cell Ranger 2.1 is expected to be the last version of Cell Ranger to support CentOS/RedHat 5 and Ubuntu 10. Future versions of Cell Ranger will require CentOS/RedHat 6 or Ubuntu 12 or later. See the 10x OS Support page for further information.

The pipelines also run on clusters that meet these additional minimum requirements:

Software Dependencies

Most software dependencies come bundled in the Cell Ranger package. However, cellranger mkfastq also requires:

Resource Limits

user open files 16k
system max files 10k per GB RAM available to Cell Ranger
user processes 64 per core available to Cell Ranger