10x Genomics

Operating System Support

In the interests of serving as many of our customers as possible, 10x Genomics does work to make sure our pipeline software runs on popular Linux distributions. We maintain compatibility with older versions as long as practical, even beyond their vendor support. We currently require 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 or RedHat / CentOS 6.

The table below summarizes our intended operating system support schedule. Products released before May of 2018 (Long Ranger 2.2.2) will continue to be supported on older operating systems until a new version is released. Updated versions of existing products (such as Cell Ranger 2.2 and Supernova 2.1.1) and new products (such as Cell Ranger DNA) will not be supported on those operating system versions.

OS Version Vendor Support End Date 10x Genomics Support
Older releases May 2018 November 2021
Applies to: Longranger 2.2.2 All others
8.04May 2013 incompatible incompatible incompatible
10.04April 2015 deprecated incompatible incompatible
12.04April 2017 supported supported incompatible
14.04April 2019 supported supported supported
16.04April 2021 supported supported supported
18.04April 2023 supported supported supported
20.04April 2025 supported supported supported
RedHat and CentOS
5.2March 2010 incompatible incompatible incompatible
5.xMarch 2017 deprecated incompatible incompatible
6November 2020 supported supported incompatible
7June 2024 supported supported supported
8May 2029 supported supported supported

While we cannot test on every distribution, and therefore cannot guarantee support, we expect most "rebuilds" of RedHat, such as Fermilab's Scientific Linux, to have equivalent compatibility.

Deprecation Warnings

If you have seen a deprecation warning, it is because your current operating system is out of date and we expect to stop supporting it soon. We recommend upgrading to a more recent release, but we understand that may not be immediately practical. You can acknowledge the deprecation warning and run the pipeline on your current operating system by setting the TENX_IGNORE_DEPRECATED_OS environment variable before running the pipeline:

$ TENX_IGNORE_DEPRECATED_OS=1 longranger wgs...

Or, you can set up your shell to remember this preference:

$ echo "export TENX_IGNORE_DEPRECATED_OS=1" >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

As always, feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Compatibility with Other Linux Distributions

Due to the general interoperability of Linux distributions, software written and tested on one often works on others. However, there are sometimes important differences, and we cannot test or support on all possible platforms. The main constraints on compatibility between Linux versions are due to the kernel and GNU libc versions. The following table lists the expected timeline for pipeline software compatibility. The distribution versions listed as examples are not tested or officially supported by us, but customers have reported success with them in the past.

Kernel Version GNU libc Version Example Distributions 10x Genomics Compatibility
Older releasesMay 2018November 2021 SuSE 11, Debian 6 compatible incompatible incompatible
2.6.322.12 Debian 7, Fedora 11 compatible compatible incompatible SuSE 12, Debian 8, Fedora 20 compatible compatible compatible Amazon Linux 2018.03 compatible compatible compatible Debian 9, Arch 2017.02 compatible compatible compatible

If your operating system is not listed, you can compare the kernel version returned by uname -r and glibc version returned by ldd --version with the above table. We are not aware of any issues specific to versions newer than the ones listed above.