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Installation: Loupe on Your Desktop

Download and Install

First, download Loupe from the downloads page.


Loupe for OS X is distributed as a DMG file. Open this file by double-clicking on it. Then install Loupe by dragging the Loupe icon into the Applications folder. You can then start Loupe by double-clicking on its app icon.


Loupe for Windows is distributed as a self-installing EXE file. Double-click on the downloaded file to install.


Loupe for Linux is distributed as a tar file.

After downloading the tar file, unpack to any convenient location. To run Loupe, set your $LOUPE_SERVER environment variable to a directory where you have copied one or more .loupe files. Then run the start_loupe.sh script.

[ download file from downloads page ]
$ tar -xzvf loupe-linux-2.1.1.tar.gz
$ cd loupe
$ export LOUPE_SERVER=/mnt/loupe
$ ./start_loupe.sh

Running Loupe Over SSH

Loupe may be run on a remote Linux server and viewed from a web browser on your desktop or laptop. Some network configurations may only allow SSH access to your Linux server. In these cases, you can use SSH port forwarding to access Loupe. For example, from an OS X terminal, you would run:

ssh -L 3001:localhost:3001 [email protected] "LOUPE_PORT=3001 LOUPE_SERVER=/mnt/loupe ~/loupe/start_loupe.sh"

Then, go to localhost:3001 in your web browser to access Loupe.