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Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression

What is Loupe Cell Browser?


Loupe Cell Browser is a desktop application for Windows and MacOS that allows you to quickly and easily visualize and analyze 10x Chromium™ Single Cell 5′ and 3′ gene expression data. It is optimized for finding significant genes, identifying cell types, and exploring substructure within cell clusters. Loupe is named for a jeweler's loupe, which is used to inspect gems.

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Loupe Cell Browser opens .cloupe files generated by the Cell Ranger 1.3 (or later) pipelines, or by cellranger mkloupe for older pipelines. You may also import a sample's corresponding V(D)J clonotype data from Cell Ranger 2.1 or later. Once your data is in Loupe Cell Browser, you can rapidly explore and gain insights from the data without writing a line of code:

Loupe Cell Browser is built to accelerate the following applications:

To walk through the features and uses of Loupe Cell Browser, start the tutorial.