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Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Exp.

What's New in Loupe Browser 5.0

Loupe Browser 5.0 is primarily a release in support of the Single Cell Gene Expression and Immune Profiling assays, with new support for online, guided filtering and reclustering of single-cell gene expression datasets.

For more information about filtering and reclustering updates for gene expression datasets, click here, or visit the filtering and reclustering page.

Improvements For All Applications

Concurrent Installation with Previous Releases

Loupe Browser 5.0 can be installed concurrently with a currently installed version of Loupe Browser 4.0 or lower. This is required to be able to support visualization of VDJ data created by Cell Ranger 4.0 or earlier.

Support for Cell Ranger 5.0 VDJ Datasets

Loupe Browser 5.0 now only supports the loading of VDJ clonotypes created with Cell Ranger 5.0 and later. Previous versions of Loupe Browser may be used to look at VDJ data generated by Cell Ranger 4.0 and earlier.

Differential Expression

Differential expression is now more intuitively tied to the active category. If a differential expression calculation has not been run for the currently selected category, the differential expression table and heatmap will appear blank and prompt you to run the calcuation, instead of showing the most recently calculated differential expression.

Changelog for Loupe Browser 5.0.x

Loupe Browser 5.0.1 (February 3, 2021)