Chromium Genome v2 Libraries – Sequencing Metrics for Illumina® Sequencers

Technical Note, v2 Chemistry, Last Modified on November 19, 2018, Permalink

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Technical Note - Chromium™ Genome v2 Libraries – Sequencing Metrics for Illumina® Sequencers

This Technical Note presents a comparison of Chromium Genome v2 libraries sequenced across different Illumina® platforms and describes the differences seen for several key sequencing metrics. Chromium Genome v2 libraries can be sequenced using a paired-end configuration with single indexing on several Illumina sequencing platforms. Each platform differs in loading concentration, PhiX spike-in, resulting cluster densities (or %PF), and sequencing quality metrics (Q30) depending on which Illumina instrument was used. This document is intended to provide general guidance on the expected range of sequencing metrics on multiple platforms, based on a set of controlled libraries. Individual results may still vary, depending on the specific sequencing instrument and/or particular sample and loading characteristics.