SPRIselect Library Concentration for Targeted Gene Expression

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The Targeted Gene Expression product is designed to enrich whole transcriptome analysis (WTA) libraries for relevant genes. Target enrichment is performed with gene-specific, biotinylated baits that hybridize to their complement DNA strand in the WTA library. Prior to library hybridization, the library is typically concentrated using a vacuum centrifuge (refer to Additional Guidance).

This protocol outlines an alternative method for concentrating libraries using SPRIselect. This protocol was demonstrated with Chromium Single Cell 3' and 5' Gene Expression libraries prepared from Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, Hodgkins Lymphoma, and Mucose-associated Lymphoid tissue as well as Visium Spatial Gene Expression libraries prepared from human breast carcinoma, colorectal cancer, and spinal cord. The Targeted Gene Expression protocol was performed using the 10x Genomics Human Pan-Cancer Panel. Additional optimization may be required when working with libraries prepared from other cell or tissue types and when using custom panels.