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Targeted Gene Expression

10x Genomics
Targeted Gene Expression

Panel Selection

The Targeted Gene Expression assay incorporates panels consisting of biotinylated DNA oligonucleotide baits targeting specific genes of interest. 10x Genomics provides the option of using pre-designed panels or designing custom panels to add-on to pre-designed panels or to use as fully custom panels.

Pre-Designed Panels (human only)

10x Genomics provides comprehensive pre-designed panels for several research areas that each target over 1,000 genes of interest:

Add-On and Fully Custom Panels

Both Single-Cell and Spatial Gene Expression include support for custom panels that target up to 200 additional genes added on to 10x Genomics pre-designed panels. Single-Cell Gene Expression also includes support for custom panels targeting between 10 and 1,500 genes as stand-alone, fully-custom panels.

Spatial Gene Expression does not include support for fully custom panels.

Compatibility Table

The 10x Genomics Custom Panel Designer can be used to design custom panels targeting annotated human genes or customer-supplied exogenous transcripts such as reporter constructs. Each completed design provides downloadable files required for purchasing the custom panel, inspecting the designed bait sequences via third-party genome browsers, and analyzing Targeted Gene Expression data using Cell Ranger (all panel types) or Space Ranger (pre-designed and add-on panels only).