Targeted Gene Expression Custom Panel Performance Metrics and Best Practices

Technical Note, Last Modified on November 8, 2022, Permalink


The Targeted Gene Expression product is a modular enrichment kit designed to enrich libraries for relevant genes, while decreasing sequencing requirements by up to 90%. With this product, panels of baits are used to target a selection of genes. When used to enrich whole transcriptome libraries, these panels enable significantly reduced sequencing costs while accurately reflecting gene expression information from the corresponding whole transcriptome analysis (WTA) parent library for targeted genes. 10x Genomics provides pre-designed panels of baits. For customers interested in creating custom panels, the 10x Genomics Custom Panel Designer enables two customization options: adding genes to pre-designed panels (addon panels) and designing fully custom panels. Panels can be a combination of human genes and exogenous sequences. This Technical Note describes the technical performance for each customization option and outlines best practices for panel design and sequencing.