Cell Surface Protein Labeling for Single Cell RNA Sequencing Protocols

with Feature Barcoding technology

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20190828_CG000149 Cell_SurfaceProteinLabeling_RevAtoRevB.pdf

CG000193_Barcode_Whitelist_forCustom_Feature_Barcoding conjugates_RevA.txt  (right-click and Save Link As...)
CG000193 Barcode Whitelist forCustom Feature Barcoding conjugates RevA

Cell surface proteins can be labeled using a specific protein binding molecule, such as an antibody conjugated to a Feature Barcode oligonucleotide. This protocol provides guidance for antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation and outlines cell surface protein labeling for use with:

To design a custom conjugate oligonucleotide, use a sequence from the Feature Barcode whitelist (CG000193). Please refer to the following article for details: How do I use the Feature Barcode Whitelist?