Chromium Connect: Modular Gene Expression Workflow & Data Overview

Technical Note, Last Modified on December 20, 2021, Permalink

CG000484_Chromium Connect Modular Gene Expression Workflow & Data Overview_Rev A.pdf

Chromium Connect now offers modular workflow options along with the previously available continuous workflow for automated generation of Chromium Next GEM Single Cell Gene Expression libraries. The modular workflow allows greater flexibility by enabling the use of cDNA generated using an automated workflow followed by automated library construction. Additionally, a blended workflow in which the cDNA is generated using a compatible 10x Genomics manual assay can be used for automated preparation of sequencing-ready, single cell gene expression libraries, minimizing technical variation in data. This Technical Note provides an overview of the Chromium Connect continuous and modular workflow options and highlights consistency and reproducibility in Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression data derived using these workflows.