Chromium Connect Product Notification

CO-RE II technology

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General Information

Product upgrade announcement regarding Chromium Connect: Hamilton, a partner supplier of 10x Genomics, is introducing CO-RE II technology to the 10x Genomics Chromium Connect. This upgrade will provide Chromium Connect with an extended hardware lifespan, reduced wear and tear, increased precision tip alignment, simplified serviceability, and a reduced need for preventative maintenance. If you have questions, please contact 10x Genomics Support at [email protected] and include "CO-RE II Upgrade" in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions

- If CO-RE II tips are received but the Chromium Connect has original (CO-RE) hardware, can CO-RE II tips still be used?
CO-RE II tips are compatible with their original (CO-RE) hardware and no hardware upgrade is necessary as of now.

- If there is a hardware upgrade for CO-RE II, can they still use CO-RE tips?
Once the hardware upgrade to CO-RE II occurs, CO-RE I tips can no longer be used. We recommend prioritizing using CO-RE tips before using CO-RE II tips.

- Does the material for the tip change with the CO-RE II transition?
The material plastics for the CO-RE II tips remain the same as the legacy (CO-RE) tips.

- Will the software give a message about incorrect barcodes when CO-RE II tips are loaded onto the system?
CO-RE I and CO-RE II tips contain the same barcode and will be recognized by the system so long as the user is loading 50 uL and 300 uL filtered tips.

- Can I use CO-RE and CO-RE II tips in the same run?
Yes, An instrument with the current (CO-RE) hardware can run with a combination of their CO-RE I tips and CO-RE II tips. Once the instrument has been upgraded to CO-RE II hardware, only CO-RE tips can be used. We recommend prioritizing using CO-RE tips before using CO-RE II tips.