Sequencing Metrics & Base Composition of Single Cell Multiome ATAC Libraries

Technical Note, ATAC and Gene Expression, Last Modified on May 3, 2021, Permalink


The Chromium Next GEM Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression workflow produces sequencing-ready Multiome ATAC and Gene Expression libraries from the same single nuclei, enabling simultaneous epigenomic and gene expression profiling. This Technical Note presents a comparison of sequencing metrics for a Single Cell Multiome ATAC library across multiple Illumina®️ platforms. Individual results may vary depending on the specific sequencing instrument and/or particular sample and loading characteristics. As the Multiome Gene Expression library is identical to the Chromium Single Cell 3' Gene Expression (dual index) library, see the Gene Expression Dual Index Library data in the Technical Note–Sequencing Metrics & Base Composition of Single Cell 3' Gene Expression and Feature Barcode Dual Index Libraries (CG000374).