Moss Protoplast Suspension for Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Demonstrated Protocol, Last Modified on March 31, 2021, Permalink

CG000090_SamplePrepDemonstratedProtocol - Moss Protoplasts_RevC.pdf

This Demonstrated Protocol outlines how to obtain a single protoplast suspension from the spreading earthmoss, Physcomitrella patens, (Grandsen or Villesexel ecotypes) in preparation for use in 10x Genomics® Single Cell Protocols. The protoplasts are “naked” plant cells without the cell wall but with an intact plasma membrane.

This demonstrated protocol is optimized for use with standard throughput 10x assays. If using the Single Cell 3’ LT v 3.1 (low throughput) application, diluting cells to the LT specific optimal loading concentrations of 100-600 cells/µl using the resuspension buffer/media can impact assay performance.