Fresh Frozen Human-Mouse Cell Line Mixtures for Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Demonstrating Single Cell Behavior Using Human-Mouse Cell Line Mixtures

Demonstrated Protocol, Last Modified on March 31, 2021, Permalink

CG00014_Demonstrated_Protocol_FreshFrozenHumanMouseCellLineMix_RevF .pdf


The ability of the 10x Genomics® Single Cell Solutions to partition single cells in a heterogeneous population can be verified by profiling a mixture of cells from two different species. Ideally, all sequence reads from a single Gel Bead-in-EMulsion (GEM) will be unambiguously mapped to the transcriptome of only one of the two species.

This demonstrated protocol is optimized for counting cells in the range of 700-1200 cells/µl. If using the Single Cell 3' LT v3.1 (low throughput) application, ensure cells are counted as indicated in this protocol and then diluted to the LT specific optimal loading concentration of 100-600 cells/µl using the Cell Dilution Overview in the LT User Guide.