Cell Multiplexing Oligo Labeling for Single Cell RNA Sequencing Protocols

with Feature Barcode technology

Demonstrated Protocol, Last Modified on March 3, 2021, Permalink


The 10x Genomics 3’ CellPlex Kit provides a species-agnostic sample multiplexing solution through the use of a set of 12 Feature Barcode oligonucleotides each conjugated to a lipid. These Cell Multiplexing Oligos can be used to label individual cells or nuclei samples, and the labeled cells can be pooled together prior to loading onto a 10x Genomics chip. The Feature Barcode molecules can be directly captured by oligonucleotides present on the Gel Beads inside a GEM during GEM-RT, subsequently amplified, and used to generate Cell Multiplexing libraries.

This protocol provides guidance for: