Guide RNA Specifications Compatible with Feature Barcoding technology for CRISPR Screening

Technical Note, Feature Barcoding technology, Last Modified on August 9, 2021, Permalink

CG000197_GuideRNA_SpecificationsCompatible withFeatureBarcodingtechnology_forCRISPRScreening_Rev-A.pdf

The Single Cell Gene Expression Solution coupled with Feature Barcoding technology enables profiling of gene expression in conjunction with additional cellular features from the same single cell. Specifically, the Single Cell Gene Expression and CRISPR Screening Solution provides a high-throughput and scalable approach to obtain gene expression profiles along with CRISPR-mediated perturbation phenotypes in transduced cells via direct capture of poly-adenylated mRNAs and guide RNAs (sgRNAs). This document provides specifications for engineering Feature Barcoding technology compatible sgRNAs for use with: