Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3ʹ v3.1: Dual Index Libraries

Technical Note, v3.1 Next GEM Chemistry, Last Modified on March 31, 2021, Permalink

CG000325_TechNote_ChromiumNextGEMSingle Cell 3ʹ v3.1_Dual Index_Rev B.pdf

Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution now enables generation of dual index libraries to study gene expression profiles, cell surface protein expression, and/or CRISPR screening in hundreds to thousands of cells. This Technical Note provides an overview of index hopping mitigation and highlights the key reagents and step overviews for generating dual index libraries, along with comparison of representative data derived from dual versus single index Chromium Single Cell 3’ v3.1 libraries. Additionally, a detailed list of products and documents for generating dual index libraries is also provided.