Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3' HT v3.1: Reagents, Workflow & Data Overview

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CG000422_ChroumiumNextGEM_SingleCell3'_HT_v3.1_Reagent, Workflow & Data Overview_Rev A_.pdf

Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3' HT v3.1 is a high throughput solution on the Chromium X series instrument for analyzing hundreds of thousands of cells per run, with up to 16 samples in a single chip. In combination with Feature Barcode technology, the high throughput assay also enables simultaneous cell surface protein detection, CRISPR screening, and cell multiplexing in single cells. This Technical Note highlights sample preparation, reagents, and workflow specifics for Single Cell 3' HT v3.1, along with information about data analysis. A comparison of representative data derived from the Single Cell 3’ HT v3.1 assay versus the standard Single Cell 3’ v3.1 assay is also presented.