Chromium Single Cell 3ʹ v3 Reagent, Workflow & Software Updates

Technical Note, v3 Chemistry, Last Modified on February 25, 2019, Permalink

CG000201_TechNote_Chromium Single Cell 3ʹ v3_Reagent, Workflow & Software Updates_RevA.pdf

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for gene expression profiling of hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. The Single Cell 3ʹ v3 reagents and workflow updates provide enhanced sensitivity, enabling detection of even more unique transcripts per cell. This document highlights the key reagent, workflow, and software updates for generating and analyzing Single Cell 3ʹ Gene Expression libraries. Refer to the Chromium Single Cell 3ʹ Reagent Kits v3 User Guide for the complete protocol.