This page describes current pricing and billing policies for 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis. All pricing and use of 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis remain subject to the 10x Genomics Cloud Services Terms.

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What's included
Files with ongoing free storage and downloads
Billing and payments


Free usage is provided for every 10x dataset as described below. Within these free limits, there is no need to submit a payment method. Beyond these limits, pay only for what you use with no upfront commitment.

What you can do Included for free Price after free limits
Run 10x analysis pipelines 5 analyses free for each uploaded dataset
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$5.00 per analysis
Store data 90 days of free storage for each uploaded dataset and analysis output
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$0.02 per GB per month
Download analysis outputs Download up to 150% the total size of each analysis output for free
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$0.10 per GB
Download FASTQ files Download each uploaded FASTQ file once for free
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$0.10 per GB

In addition, some input and output files for each analysis are stored at no cost and are not subject to the 90-day storage limit, including the web summary, feature-barcode matrix, and Loupe Browser file. The free download limits in the table above also do not apply to these files; you can download them as many times as you need. View more details below.

Prices shown in the application do not include tax and are estimates only. The actual cost will depend on your usage and activity. Rounding is applied on a per file basis, with N.5 cents rounding to even. Transactions totaling less than $0.005 will be rounded down to $0.00.

What's included


Each uploaded dataset can be used up to five times as an input to an analysis pipeline for free. If you need to use a dataset for additional analyses beyond what’s included for free, you will be charged $5.00 per analysis. The transaction is finalized when the analysis pipeline successfully finishes. Failed or cancelled analyses will not incur costs or count towards your free analyses.

Data storage

Data that is uploaded or generated from running analysis pipelines is stored at no cost for 90 days. After 90 days, the data will be automatically deleted unless you opt-in to paid storage. We will send you an email notification 10 days before data expires and is permanently deleted from your account. Deleted data may be temporarily stored in our archives but 10x Genomics does not guarantee retrieval of deleted data. There is no action required if you choose not to store your data past the 90 day free storage period on Cloud Analysis.

If you would like to opt-in to ongoing data storage, visit the Data Storage settings page from within a project. From there, you can opt-in to ongoing paid storage at $0.02/GB per month. You will only be charged to store data that is outside the free 90 day storage period.

Storage costs will be included on your monthly invoice. You can turn off paid data storage for a project at any time. If you turn off paid data storage during a billing cycle, you will only be billed for the portion of the month that your data was stored.


Each analysis created on Cloud Analysis will generate a collection of output files which come with free downloads. Output files can be freely downloaded up to 150% the total size of the output files. For example, if an analysis generates 100GB of data, you can download 150GB worth of data for that analysis at no cost.

You can also download FASTQ files that are uploaded to your account. Each FASTQ file can be downloaded once for free.

You will incur usage-based download charges of $0.10/GB for any downloads of data or other files exceeding the free amounts described above. Before initiating a paid download, you will have the chance to confirm the transaction and see an estimated cost. Costs displayed in Cloud Analysis are estimates based on the size of the data selected for download. The actual cost will depend on your download usage. After confirming the transaction, Cloud Analysis will generate download links for the files selected for download by which you can initiate the download. Initiating a download creates the transaction. For example, if you generate a download link for a file, and that link is used three times, the actual cost will be calculated as 3x the single file size. If you generate a download link and do not use it to initiate any downloads, no charge will be incurred.

Once you have generated download links they will remain active for 12 hours. You will be charged for all downloads using your download links — please store the links securely and do not share these download links with others unless you plan to accept charges for downloads that they initiate using your links.

Files with ongoing free storage and downloads

Some input and outputs files for each analysis, listed below, are stored at no cost and are not subject to the 90-day limits on other files. The free download limits also do not apply to these files; you can download them as many times as you need.

Analysis Files
Cell Ranger count Web summary
Loupe Browser file
Summary CSV
Cell Ranger aggr Loupe Browser file
Aggregation metrics summary HTML
Aggregation metrics summary JSON
Aggregation CSV
Cell Ranger reanalyze Secondary analysis web summary
Loupe Browser file
Parameters CSV
Genes CSV
Barcodes CSV
Excluded genes CSV
Cell Ranger V(D)J Web summary
Loupe V(D)J Browser file
Inner enrichment primers file

Billing and payments

Usage beyond what’s included for free will be billed monthly. A billing cycle is 30 days and begins after your first paid transaction. Your actual costs will depend on your usage of the services.

You can sign up to pay automatically by card or manually via monthly email invoices. Visit your Account Billing page to sign up: Payments and payment information are processed by Stripe, an online payment processing provider.

Auto-pay by card

If you sign up for auto-pay, your card will be automatically charged on a monthly basis for any 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis paid usage. A copy of the invoice will be emailed to you 7 days before your card is charged. After the payment is processed, you will be sent a receipt via email.

You can cancel auto-pay by visiting your Account Billing page and deleting the auto-pay option. If you delete your card information, we may retain your usage address for tax purposes.

Pay manually by card or ACH

If you sign up to pay manually, we will send you a monthly invoice via email for any 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis paid usage. The email will contain a link to an online payment form where you can pay through a card or ACH (bank transfer). If you pay by card, Stripe may save your card information for subsequent payment authorizations by you. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

You can cancel manual payment by visiting your Account Billing page and deleting the manual pay option. If you delete your manual payment method, we may retain your usage address for tax purposes.


Depending on your usage address, you may be charged sales tax for paid usage of Cloud Analysis, which will be included on your invoices. The usage address is where you will be using 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis (usually the same as your company or organization address). You can specify your usage address when you sign up for either manual pay or auto-pay options.

Currently, tax is collected from customers with usage addresses in the following states: California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

Note: The list of states where tax is collected is subject to change without prior notice.

Contact Cloud Customer Service for help

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to [email protected].